Artist, Sculptress, Creator of Metalmorfission

Master in 3D Design, Consultant Curator

Consultant in Design, Architecture and Access.

M.A 3D design

B.A (Hon) Interior Architectural Design

City & Guilds Auto Cad 2


Honouree Member TWI*

Nominated for The Turner Prize by TWI in 1994.



Gay is personally invited to attend on the evening of the 27th September the exclusive Private View of The Turner Prize 2019.  


She will be writing a post here afterwards of her experience of this special event and dates of her Exhibitions.


Gay has created an entirely new art form, using mainly metals and strong industrial adhesives to produce a good body of work,  consisting of eight series of differing sculptures , as well as special statement pieces. Because the style is so new and the medium so advanced and exciting, she felt that it deserves a name – and METALMORFISSION is born, 1992 to date.


The series of Metalmorfission  shows Gay at her most versatile. From large, freestanding metal sculptures and  wall- hung 3-D multimedia creations to smaller, highly imaginative pieces. In her series  she creates with many types and finishes of metals, displaying to spectacular effect the reflective brilliance of mirror polished stainless steel, the soft warmth of corroded and rusted metals, the coolness of aluminium and the heat of pure copper or the shimmer of brass to make a coruscation of effects. Her sculptures can be hard or soft, powerful yet elegant, inviting and reflective, dominant yet delicate and seductive.


Even though they form part of their series, each can stand beautifully on its own.



Gay can design for large-scale  site specific sculpture,  architectural designs and installations.


Gay also enjoys creating Art in other media, these include paintings in Oils and Acrylic, pastels  and of course, mixed Media.


Commission a work of Art

Gay welcomes commissions where she can create you special statement pieces  or new pieces from her different series of  Metalmorfission,  also in other mixed media or painting.


For a discussion on style, size and type of work, or for more details please contact


To buy a work of art

Please contact - putting the name of the work required and discuss up to date prices with Gay.




Gay’s creations incorporate many technical principles, ‘ for METALMORFISSION  I not only have to create as an artist, I also have to think like an Engineer’. This lead to Gay being a Turner Prize Nominee in 1994.


Her research into modern technology used in the Metalmorfission art form has challenged industry and helped push products forward. In some cases her sculptures have been the first to use the new generation of modern materials. Gay will push through frontiers to succeed and can bring a technical challenge through to a smooth result.


The World centre for Materials Joining Technology in Cambridge (known as TWI from a previous name) have described Gay’s work as ‘the marriage of Art and Engineering’.  They commissioned her to make a national prize in sculpture and enrolled Gay as an Honouree Member.  They have given their facilities and expertise to Metalmorfission,  giving Gay access to some of the most advanced technological processes in the world.