Artist, Sculptress, Creator of Metalmorfission

Master in 3D Design, Consultant Curator

Consultant in Design, Architecture and Access.

M.A 3D design

B.A (Hon) Interior Architectural Design

City & Guilds Auto Cad 2


Honouree Member TWI*

Nominated for The Turner Prize by TWI in 1994.



Gay is personally invited to attend on the evening of the 27th September the exclusive Private View of The Turner Prize 2019.  


She will be writing a post here afterwards of her experience of this special event and dates of her Exhibitions.

A 3D watery landscape in relief using rusted metals and my special effect matallic paints.


Suntouched-Waters-size-700mm-x-860mm Sun-Kissed-3 Natures-Change-No

A 3D sun kissed watery landscape in relief using rusted metals and my special effect in metallic paints.

A large 3D low relief landscape using metallic paints and rusting metals. The first of my evolving series was part of the Art in Nature 1992 show with Sir Hugh Cusson, on the topic of conservation. Also used as the leader to, and featured in the 1994 Careering ahead series on BBC 1 Television.


The media used include: black and bright mild steels, plus hard and polished aluminium. The colours and hues of the metals will change in time and the mild steel trees will rust. An almost living, gradually changing work.

Suntouched Waters

Size 700mm x 860mm

Sun Kissed

Size 610 x 760 mm

Natures Change No 1

Size 880 x 1090 mm