Artist, Sculptress, Creator of Metalmorfission

Master in 3D Design, Consultant Curator

Consultant in Design, Architecture and Access.

M.A 3D design

B.A (Hon) Interior Architectural Design

City & Guilds Auto Cad 2


Honouree Member TWI*

Nominated for The Turner Prize by TWI in 1994.



Gay is personally invited to attend on the evening of the 27th September the exclusive Private View of The Turner Prize 2019.  


She will be writing a post here afterwards of her experience of this special event and dates of her Exhibitions.

Gay Gower has gone into industry and engineering and come out with an Original bonded metal New Art Form called “Metalmorfission”, 1992 to date.


Gay Gower is multi-talented, her knowledge crosses over smoothly into differing fields of Art, Design and Architecture, enabling access to these in all there forms.


Her expertise brings into play multi-dimensional aspects of this knowledge and experience into making the whole and creating the New.

Creator of Metalmorfission


Gay Gower

Artist and Sculptress, Creator of a New Art form Metalmorfission

Also a Designer and Consultant in Architecture.


In my New Art form Metalmorfission I have developed several series of created works. Used many types and finishes of metals, often displaying to spectacular effect the reflective brilliance of polished stainless steel, or the soft warmth of corroded and rusted metals. The coolness of aluminium, the heat of pure copper, the shimmer of brass, all find their place in works which can be hard and powerful, yet elegant and delicate. My Three Dimensional Art range from, small and large scale wall hung works and floor standing sculptures, to major outdoor constructions.


Described in publication as “the marriage of art and engineering”.


Gay has held Solo Shows and been part of mixed Exhibitions in Kent and London. Her Solo Shows on Television and Radio. Metalmorfission has been part of an opening Show in Covent Garden, London and part of mixed Shows/Exhibitions in such places as Westminster, London.

Gay-Gower Sculpture Gay-in-Studio Gay-rolls-steel Gay-in-fabrication-Bay-building-Sculptures-1

Gay hands-on in the fabrication bay, clamping the Triquetra Sculptures - in the making.

Gay holding steel while using the larger rollers on the fabrication bay. 'I've learn't to use whatever machines are neccessary to make my Metalmorfission Sculptures, a process which is really enjoyable'.

Gay in her studio. This shows that many of her sculptural designs have to be made laying supported for the bonding process. ' In my mind I have to know how the end result will be/look when lifted to a vertical position'.

Courage has been important in my journey of life and I would say:-



Follow through your dreams

Keep faith with God

And trust your creativity                                    

There is always a way                                                  

Mountains can be moved

All can be achieved

Miracles do happen

Look for the beauty in life.




Selftaught,  all my sculptures are purely from my own imagination and creative skill. Throughout Metalmorfission a juxtaposition has presented itself, within the arena of the hard qualities of metal, equipment, materials used and the softness in the very essence of my femininity.



  • Kirk-Morgan Ltd., a local Gillingham engineering company who have provided Gay with a studio and use of their facilities including large machinery, (1992 – 1998).

  • Loctite UK.,  who provided a new adhesive, Loctite 3295, (1993) and also various other adhesives (1992 - date).

  • Bostik Ltd.,   Caswell & Co. Ltd.,  Ciba-Geigy,   Dunlop Adhesives,   Evode Ltd.,   Henkel Industrial Adhesives,   Holdtite Adhesives Ltd.,   ITW Devcon,   Omni Technic, Hannover,   Permabond,   Plastic Padding Ltd.,   Sika Ltd.,   providing various adhesives (1992 - date).

  • 3M UK Plc.,  for providing various adhesives and safety wear (1992 - 96).

  • James North & Sons Ltd., and  Pulsafe Safety Products Ltd.,  for providing Safety equipment (1992 - 2000).

  • Alexandra Workwear plc., and  Kimberley-Clark Ltd.,  for providing Protective clothing (1992 - 2000).

  • Colonial Mutual Group,   Sponsorship (1993).        

  • Aalco International Metal Distributors,  who have provided metal (1993).

  • Adams/Swift UK Europe, distribution/removals (1993 – 1995).Moving my Sculptures.

  • Holt Lloyd Ltd., who provided Gay with a substantial range of metallic aerosol paints, (1995).

  • Plasti-Kote,  provided coating (1995)

  • Hycote,  have provided Gay with their range of hand cleaners etc., (1995/6).

  • Copy, Print & Design Co.,  Printing (1995 - 1997).

  • Pelican Foundry Ltd., Gillingham,  have provided Gay with foundry metals, (1995 - 2000).



The World Centre for Materials Joining Technology,  Have made Gay a member of their professional institute and have given their backing and expertise to “Metalmorfission” (1994 - date).


A fond Memory of invite to Opening of Oxo Tower Wharf- beautiful building and views.




Some of the purchasers of Gay’s Metalmorfission are:


Chequers Centre Maidstone purchased “The Chequer Tree” 3D Sculpture at Gillingham Space Frame Gallery as part of the “Local Roots” mixed group Exhibition.1991.


Marion Allinson BBC TV Director purchased Fathamed Promise one of my very large wall mounted Sculptures. Immediately Marion entered my 1st solo Exhibition she wanted to buy this special Sculpture. I have lost touch with Marion since she married and would love to meet again. (A new one named Fathamed Embrace is for sale in the Reflective Series).


David Sarna owner of Artcare (uk) Ltd (with his Father) purchased  a Rusting Landscape Sculpture from my Evolving series to have in his Company Boardroom and another Sculpture from the Progeny series for his daughter. David was very generous for as well as buying my sculptures, he also took me and my friend on a personal tour of his Portfolio Factory site, we diccussed design of his Portfolios and he gave me many beautiful portfolio’s, inserts etc., for my use.


Neil Fuller owner of a Steel Construction Company  and famous International Truck Racing Driver, often racing in Australia with one of his three Trucks. Neil after twice visiting my Exhibitions took  me to view his home, his Company site, his racing trucks and his hugh collection of motorbikes; I sat on the big  motorbike he had toured America on.  He also wanted  to supply the steel and the manpower to build my 40 ft Sculpture. Sadly Neil died and the Sculpture design is available waiting to be built (the design is backed by Professer Dr.B Baker to its merit).  I remember watching Neil race in the final run at Brands Hatch tilting his fabulous Black Truck onto two wheels dertimined and succeeding to win, while I waved in thrilling excitement with the crowd.


Steve Jones when Director of TWI Commission of the “Within Sculpture” as national prize. This came about because of “ The Triquetra Sculptures”  in which I tested the frontier of the materials used to build them, within my Design. Sought advice from TWI and experienced local men connected to Kirk Morgan Ltd - then I worked out myself what was necessary and also built them myself. Later invited as a guest of the World Centre of Material Joining Technology (TWI), stayed in Cambridge and was personally shown around their expansive site and  introduced by Steve to Professors and Experts in their fields. Specilist fields such as- Robotics, Plastics, Metals, R&D on major structures/Bridges (I love Bridges), Microtechnology etc., etc., all this expertise I am able to access.


Thank you to all who have Purchased my Art, Sculptures and Designs, and greatly encouraged me.

To Purchase or commission an original from the Metalmorfission Sculpture series, a painting, a design or engage Gay as a consultant in Architecture, Access, curatorial role. Please Contact or Email [email protected]