Artist, Sculptress, Creator of Metalmorfission

Master in 3D Design, Consultant Curator

Consultant in Design, Architecture and Access.

M.A 3D design

B.A (Hon) Interior Architectural Design

City & Guilds Auto Cad 2


Honouree Member TWI*

Turner Prize nominee.

*TWI - World Centre for Materials Joining Technology


Solo Retrospective Exhibition

Metalmorfission Sculptures and Fabulous wide range of Gay's different Artistic Media


The Bottle Shop

7-8 Marine Dr, Margate CT9 1DH


6th March to 14th May 2017

Contact If you would like to meet Gay visit her Exhibition and enjoy the view over Margate Bay

(a few days available )


Gay has lectured at the University of Greenwich on Art, Technology and urban design. She has been invited to do talks on Art, Technology, Architecture and Design.  Many times hands on taught Art Classes at various schools, both to make and explain techniques and to encourage children to appreciate Art and understand the breath of such a fundamentally important subject. Has always believed in Art being accessible to everyone. In her own way, she hopes that some of her teaching inspires all.


Although an established exceptional Artist, Qualified to  Masters  MA 3D Design,   BA (Hons) in Architectural interior Design, Auto Cad 2 City & Guilds,  she has recently completed a PTLLS in teaching to comply with currant requirements.


Please contact Gay if you would want to engage her in this way.

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Gay said 'As a visiting Artist to some Schools look what these wonderful young people achieved in just an afternoon with me. I taught them the fundementals of structure and design in a way they could understand and then let them set to work on some recycled materials. We now have some amazing future Architects and Designers/Artists.'