Artist, Sculptress, Creator of Metalmorfission

Master in 3D Design, Consultant Curator

Consultant in Design, Architecture and Access.

M.A 3D design

B.A (Hon) Interior Architectural Design

City & Guilds Auto Cad 2


Honouree Member TWI*

Nominated for The Turner Prize by TWI in 1994.



Gay is personally invited to attend on the evening of the 27th September the exclusive Private View of The Turner Prize 2019.  


She will be writing a post here afterwards of her experience of this special event and dates of her Exhibitions.


Gay is a predominantly self – taught artist. Her distinguished works of Art and many exhibitions created considerable interest with the media, industry and the Arts. As well as press, radio and television interviews Gay has been featured in various magazines and articles. One such was titled ‘Art Meets Science’. In Adhesives Answers, she warranted front cover and centre spread where she  and Metalmorfission were  described as ‘The Marriage of Art and Engineering’. Circulated throughout the world as part of TWI. Her commitment to research in her art forms led to her being commissioned by Artist Newsletter Magazine where she has completed a series of published extensive written articles.


BBC 1 Television followed Gay filming her full story of Metalmorfission  called ‘My Way: Gay Gower’ The programme revolved around Gay personally, her techniques, studio and her successful exhibitions.


Live Photographs  shown here of the filming by BBC 1 for  "My Way" Gay's story and acheivements in her Art.

BBC-1-Filming-in-progress-of-Gay's-Exhibition Filming--by-BBC-1-Television--the-story-of-Gay-and--her-Metalmorfission-Sculptures BBC-1-Television-Filming-Images-of-Gay-at-her-Meta BBC-1-Television-Filming-Images-of-Gay-at-her-Meta