Artist, Sculptress, Creator of Metalmorfission

Master in 3D Design, Consultant Curator

Consultant in Design, Architecture and Access.

M.A 3D design

B.A (Hon) Interior Architectural Design

City & Guilds Auto Cad 2


Honouree Member TWI*

Nominated for The Turner Prize by TWI in 1994.



Gay is personally invited to attend on the evening of the 27th September the exclusive Private View of The Turner Prize 2019.  


She will be writing a post here afterwards of her experience of this special event and dates of her Exhibitions.

A large scale wall work. A visual dimension is observed through reflection in the mirror steel as a base for this work of art.

People are able to observe themselves, other people, colour and light, through a reflected 3D image within the art.


My creations of this type almost make you imagine that you are in the work itself by the strategic placing of relief upon the mirror steel. I have already created seven designs on this theme, these are ready to be commissioned, ranging in size from 20ft wide by 8l`t high to the size of the one shown here which is 7ft 6ins by 4ft.


Complementary works of art can also be incorporated into the overall design of your room, entrance hall or lobby.

Fathomed-Embrace-size-1140mm-x-1500mm.-Nude-Review-size-1120mm-x-740mm Storyteller--size-7ft-6ins-x-4ft. Fathomed-Embrace-size-1140mm-x-1500mm


Artwork Reflective-series


Size 7ft 6ins x 4ft.

A large scale wall mounted 3D sculpture of a couple making love under water.


Aluminium, steel, heat coloured swarf and rusted metals in relief on mirror polished stainless steel. A light is incorporated in the panel beaten and punched bronze fish, to give the effect of light ripples on water into the mirror steel and which is then reflected outwards to the surrounding area.


A 3D sculpture of a nude woman delicatly portrayed on mirror polished stainless steel with heat coloured swarf and other metals, within rusting steel which she is holding with her fingers. Surrounded by my specialised metallic paint effect, stunning and erotic.

A 3D relief within Blackeyed steel, on mirror polished stainless steel, with other metals, and cast Gun metal hair.

Sherious - a 21st Century Woman

Size 610 x 610 mm


A 3D relief in mirror polished stainless steel, brushed steel and other metals,

with cast high tensile bronze hair.

Fathomed Embrace

size 1140mm x 1500mm

Nude Review

Size 1120mm x 740mm


Size 700 x 560 mm

Sherious - A 21st Century Woman

Size 610 x 610 mm